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sixdegrees_hp's Journal

The Six Degrees of the Harry Potter Fandom
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How we came into being
As a longtime fan of procrastination, I worshipped fully the achievement of The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game, as invented by a group of likeminded students in Virginia.

I also recognised fully the delights of journal-hopping within the Harry Potter fandom. Then one day, the beauty of a game in which these two wonders were combined became apparent to me.

How to Play
I believe that it is possible for one HPfan to reach another's LJ in no more than six steps. So, to play this game -

1)Make sure you have an LJ (it will be very difficult, even impossible, without one)

2)Join this community

3)Pick a fan, any fan, from the HP fandom (a good way to find one that you don't know would be to search for the users listing "harrypotter" as an interest. Trust me. There are *lots*)
As an example, I am hopping to examplehplj

4)Post on the community with this template -
My name - alexia75
My target's name - examplehpLJ
First hop - alexia75 to flist#1

5)Then I go to flist#1's LJ and leave a comment saying something like this...
"Hi, I'm playing sixdegrees_hp and I'm trying to hop to examplehplj in no more than six hops. Check out the comm for my credentials and then please let me know which of your flist you think would be my best choice for my next hop."

6)When they give you their opinion, come back to the community and post a comment to your first post saying something like
Hop 2 - flist#1 to _____

7) Then repeat the last 2 steps on this suggested LJ and try try TRY to get to your target LJ (examplehpLJ) in 6 steps or less.
Each step you do, come back to the comm and comment on your post, and if you manage it in under 6 steps I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER.

And you'll get a pretty icon to put in your user info to prove your ultimate coolness, and superior hopping ability, to the rest of the fandom.

If you've been directed here by a player
WELCOME! Have a glass of sherry. And please help our little bunny-hoppers as they explore the depths of the fandom in their procrastinatory brilliance. Who knows - you might find your new fandom BFF is a SixSteps Bunny.
Treat them kindly, feed them, water them, then send them on their way.

And if you like the sound of the game, join up! The more the merrier - it really is jolly good fun!

And to prove it's possible... The First Successful Hop

Roll Call of Teh Winners

Bunny Hoppers Supreme (1-5 successful hops)
bludiamond - 1 hop
shadowpryde - 1 hop
foofee25 - 1 hop
smalldiver - 1 hop
eriepotter - 1 hop

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